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Simplifying local SEO

Flag was created by a dedicated team of free-thinking individuals who came together to make life easier for agencies and local businesses.

We built our business on the back of hard work and many late nights, so we understand our customers’ struggles and concerns.

That’s why we decided to improve on local SEO. To make it simple, transparent, and effective.

With Flag, getting exposure is as easy as clicking a button.

Driving massive exposure

We understand that rankings and traction are driven by premium publisher exposure. Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of publishers that every business should be using.

Originally, we built Flag to solve our own issue. We wanted to publish our local listing information to every publisher, without spending hours and hours updating them by hand.

So, we built a solution. A platform to manage everything in one place. An elegant tool to rapidly drive serious traction.

Give Flag a whirl. We bet it’ll work for you, too.

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